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@gruber I think this is dead on:

I’ll go to the mat arguing that Slack is better-designed and better-implemented than Microsoft Teams. But to make a very broad analogy, I think Slack is to Teams today where Mac OS was to Windows in the mid-1990s: better designed, for sure, but not in a way that makes a difference to the corporate IT decision makers and bean counters who are making the call on which platform to use.

Having recently worked for a startup that used Slack, and now working for an enterprise that uses Teams: Teams sucks in comparison, but it doesn’t matter; it integrates easily with all the other, more important platform choices we already made.

It’s hard to imagine already-successful Salesforce getting $28bn of value from Slack… like, surely it works the other way around: your co uses Salesforce, so Slack is your chat software, not “let’s buy and integrate this gigantic and expensive do-everything system because chatting in Slack is cool.”

Dan J @danj