Fewer Things to Do

Thinking about declaring “bankruptcy” (enter: Michael Scott clip) on my task manager and my ideas list.

Just blowing away everything in OmniFocus, and Ulysses (and Drafts, and the other nine note/text-collecting apps I use 😏) that isn’t an active project and starting over.

Thinking of it less like “bankruptcy” (which has a powerful undertone of “You have failed. FAILED!”) and more of a “refresh”.

For every idea I’ve ever had and done nothing with, I’ll have a hundred more ideas in the next year alone.

For every task I’ve recorded with the thought, “Someday I’ll do/see/buy/read this,” there’s an infinite number of those waiting in the future. (Heck, there’s four dozen books already on my Kindle I haven’t read yet.)

I could use less psychic baggage of the form “Oh, I should really get around to THIS someday…”

What’s truly important will come back around. Or has yet to reveal itself.

Dan J @danj