Oh, Canada (E-Commerce)

An ongoing annoyance for me is how many great companies / products exist… in America. For example, I want to order socks, over the internet. Bombas looks great! But with premium pricing, plus shipping, plus USD ➡️ CAD… I’m on the verge of paying $130 for 9 pairs of socks. 😓

Ok, where are the Canadian businesses selling equivalent products? They don’t exist. All the ones I can find sell subscriptions, not one-off pairs, and/or all of their socks are in goofy colours.

I just want a good source of, for example, men’s basics, that are made in and shipped from my own country. Too much to ask? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 🇨🇦

(Recommendations welcome, obviously!)

Dan J @danj