In which I annotate all the autocorrect goofs that occur while I write the post to emphasize the point

Daring Fireball and the Mac (which my iPhone just autocorrected to MAC, reinforcing the upcoming point of this post, thanks phone) blog-podcast-o-sphere have been throwing lots of shade at iOS and macOS lately, and I’m glad someone with reach is expressing how I feel.

I bought my first Mac when the aluminum iMacs first came out, having used a white plastic MacBook at a co-op student job and loving it.

The Mac, software included, was just so much nicer than all the Windows computers (auto-capitalized “Windows” but then lowercased it again after I added “computers”, a baffling decision it should have made in reverse) I’d used for years.

Nowadays, if you were to ask me why I use Apple gear instead of (autocorrected “gear” to “fest”) the alternatives, I’d have a much, much harder time saying “because it’s so much nicer to use.”

And as a person who’s always loved computers, who programs computers, who is constantly using computers… that makes me sad.

It feels like the high-water mark of Apple software is somewhere in the past, alas. I hope I’m wrong.

Dan J @danj