Ported from twitter: The Business of You

Reminded that I posted the following on twitter, and it’s pretty good, so I should put it here instead, with a URL that I own.

In response to this tweet, which reads “Your salary is just your company’s monthly subscription of you”:

This is probably how we should all think of salaries.

Subscriptions are something a customer pays on a recurring basis in return for a service.

Treating your employer like a customer of your services is a strong mindset.

And treating your salary like merely one stream of income is, too. A stream of income can be grown, added to, replaced.

That’s a better way to think of salary than your one and only chance to make rent.

Better to think of your job as just one customer of the Business of You, even if it’s your only customer.

Better that than treating it like the Lifestone, which, when plucked from your diadem causes you to disintegrate.

Dan J @danj