Medium is bad for the web

Medium is bad for the web. It’s just one more silo that people pour their creative work into, because it promises convenience and reach. And then it looks like your work is on the internet, but it isn’t, really.

And Medium is arguably more sinister than e.g. Facebook in this regard, because it looks and has been advertised as a place that’s all about content creators.

Well, it is all about content creators, the same way every other silo is all about their users, which is—to make a tired but utterly appropriate callback to 1999—the way the AI in The Matrix was all about human beings. 🤖

Proposed Indieweb slogan: Don’t Be a Battery

But a better one is probably just: Own Your Platform

(This outburst motivated by Instapaper’s inability to render a Medium article.)

Dan J @danj