Twitter’s naive algorithm insists that one of the twitter accounts I “might also like” is that of my ex-wife and call me self-centered but this is a microcosm of everything that’s wrong with social media. 😜

(It’s nothing against her, either. Don’t get me wrong. But the fact that we have these globe-spanning mechanisms that have a sort of childish half-understanding of what human relationships are is… problematical.)

((“Here’s an account that a bunch of people (you follow|that follow you) also follow, you should totally follow them, too! And now we’ll show you their name and picture every time you log in!”

And there’s no way for me to indicate, actually, twitter, this is super inappropriate on your part. And even if there were, I’m absolutely not inclined to share personal information like that with a tech corp in the first place…

See what I mean? Problematical.))

Dan J @danj