Current conclusion of ➡️ IFTTT ➡️ Dropbox experiment

My goal is to have a plain-text backup of anything I put in my “feed” (just like I’ll have plain-text copies of whatever goes on; Pulling it from M.b is probably attacking the problem in the wrong way.

Instead, I should start using a tool to publish to that can also produce local plain-text output as a matter of course. That means avoiding the web interface (which I’m using to compose this post) and using an app instead—something that produces plain text and can then also publish to my feed; something like MarsEdit, perhaps.

My goal is to have a local repository of everything I write. But maybe I’m overthinking it, or being too precious: stuff that I post to the feed here is likely to be somewhat ephemeral, not exactly “words for the ages”.

But I still think hanging on to that stuff is valuable. 🤔

Dan J @danj